Taste the best of Chiang Saen

Taste the best of Chiang Saen

Chiang Saen is a city with a diverse selection of local and regional northern cuisines with exquisite tastes that you’ll fall in love with. However, the food in this area extends beyond northern Thai cuisine. There is also a distinct culinary culture inspired by Myanmar, China, and the Isaan area, which parallels Laos and Cambodian food. That’s the reason why it has a uniqueness.


Do you want to experience the diverse selection of cuisines in Chiang Saen?

If so, you can discover an authentic local Northern or creative dish of Thai cuisine at Wiang Nuea Restaurant & Cafe. We offer a wide range of both regional and traditional food and drinks. You’ll love our authentic and delicious variety!


Cultural experience with delicious food @Wiang Nuea

Khaw Neung Bai Bua

Khaw Neung Bai Bua or Rice covered in Lotus leaves is a nutritious dish heavily influenced by Thai and Chinese culture. This healthy, delicious meal is relatively uncommon to get at typical restaurants these days. It has become a health-friendly menu since traditional medicine states that steaming the lotus leaf will aid in nourishing the heart. Furthermore, lotus flowers and pollen can nourish pregnancy, reduce fever, cure heat poisoning, and relieve fatigue and palpitations. Using old lotus leaves can help lower fever, nourish circulation, and lower BP and LDL cholesterol levels.


Secret Recipe

Khaw Neung Bai Bua is made of rice, pork, Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, and egg yolk that has been seasoned with local spices and herbs. First, stir-fry everything like fried rice. Then, cover everything in lotus leaves and simmer it.





Romantic Getaway in the Rainfall

Romantic Getaway in the Rainfall

Do you want a romantic getaway with your loved one?

Athita, The Hidden Court Chiang Saen is the perfect place! We offer a unique experience, cozy and romantic rooms, and an opportunity to take a breath of fresh air. So come visit us in Chiang Saen, Thailand!


Chiang Saen, a small old hamlet in Chiang Rai, has kept much of Thailand’s northern culture and heritage. In addition, Chiang Saen’s tranquility helps many travelers regain their vigor after a weekend of incredible rest.


Unique Hotel with Cozy and Calm Place

Athita is a one-of-a-kind hotel constructed almost entirely of teak wood. In every stride, you’ll be able to feel the suppleness of Teak Wood. As a romantic getaway, you and your loved one may spend time in the hotel’s cozy and peaceful surroundings. You’ve earned it!


Romantic Getaway Spa Day

Spa days are a fantastic opportunity to unwind and reconnect in any weather. So embrace the love and experience spa day at Athita Spa! Love is in the air at our peaceful and tranquil spa.


Wiang Nuea Restaurant & Café

If you want to get the most out of your stay at Athita, stop by Wiang Nuea Restaurant & Cafe, which is located right here in the hotel. Foods and Drinks in a picture-perfect garden surrounded by lush evergreen landscapes might create a stunning canvas for your imagination.


Nothing is better than the magnificent river, beautiful rainfall, pretty gardens, wonderful local culture, and lush forest all around during the monsoon, which is an ideal setting. It’s great for the couple to cuddle and smile with each other. This is where you can utilize the holiday to create great memories and meaningful time for your relationships.


Experience the Way of Life in Chiang Saen

Experience the Way of Life in Chiang Saen

If you’re looking for an experience you can’t get anywhere else, please come to join us for Buddha Lent Day (aka Khao Pansa) in Chiang Saen. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will have you leaving refreshed and re-energized. A perfect way to balance your energy and see Thailand’s spiritual side.


At Chiang Saen, you can live a day in the life of the locals. Take in their culture, and come back feeling refreshed. Buddha Lent Day is waiting for you!


The Buddhist Lent Day Legend

In the past, monks’ constant travel destroyed rainy-season crops. Therefore, Buddha forbade monks from leaving their temples during the rainy season. Unless a monk has an urgent business, they can depart for only seven nights.


What do locals Do on Buddhist Lent Day?

During Buddhist Lent, people would visit temples to earn merit, listen to sermons, and purify their thoughts. In addition, the Khao Pansa candle festival, which occurs every year at the beginning of the Buddhist Lent in late July, will be celebrated. In 2022, the Khao Pansa Candle Festival will be on July 14.


Enjoy the Candle Festival with a Locals

Chiang Saen’s traditional candle festival, or Khao Pansa, reflects the master craftsmen’s technique of candle carving as part of this cultural event. Carved candles depicting religious stories and detailed sculptures from the fairy tales will be presented on the candle display. Enjoy the large, hand-carved, beeswax candles that fill the air with the scents of flowers and incense as the procession of floats passes by at a slow pace around the small town.


Take Your Place in the Legend this Khao Pansa Candle Festival

You won’t want to miss the legend of the Khao Pansa Candle Festival. Stay at Athita and get close to the culture and tradition. Breathe in the rich history and nature while you are here.

Embrace Chiang Saen’s Cultural Uniqueness

Embrace Chiang Saen’s Cultural Uniqueness
Wandering around the town to discover natural and architectural features demonstrating the Chiang Saen people’s connection to nature’s wisdom.

Traveling to a secret land in northern Thailand, such as Chiang Saen, is one of life’s most exciting adventures. Chiang Saen is a great place to visit if you want to broaden your horizons and learn more about the northern heritage, culture, and architecture.

Visit the Ancient and Sacred Temple at Wat Pa Sak Chiang Saen
Wat Pa Sak Chiang Saen was established during Phra Phaya Saen Phu in 1930. This famous temple was erected to house artifacts with 300 teak trees planted around it. Architecture in the Dvaravati era has been a blend of art and architecture. Chinese art was a source of inspiration for several of the stucco designs.

Taste the Best Glutinous Rice in Thailand
Khao Niew Khiaw Ngoo Glutinous Rice is a local grain grown in the area historically known as Chiang Saen plains. The agriculture area covers Mae Chan, Chiang Saen, Mae Sai, Mae Fah Luang, and Doi Luang in the present day. This is where the country’s best glutinous rice is farmed. Because of sufficient water and hot springs in Pa Tung, minerals have accumulated in the watershed for millions of years.

Explore Hand-woven silk at Ban San That
Visit the hand-woven fabric tradition of “Ban San That,” the village in Chiang Saen that cultivates mulberries from seed to harvest. They also invited Chalermchai Kositpipat, a notable Thai artist, to create gorgeous pattern designs. They called this pattern “With Love” in honor of their loved ones.

Stay with us at Athita, and you’ll have a memorable experience. Just a few minutes of easy access to the historic city of Chiang Saen and the opportunity to discover Northern Thailand’s rich culture and architecture. The sooner you make your reservation, the better!


It’s time to experience the taste of love from the North of Thailand

It’s time to experience the taste of love from the North of Thailand

Come and visit Wiang Neua Restaurant, an intimate eatery on a quiet stretch of Chaing Rai City. We have a unique recipe and refreshing flavors that will keep you coming back for more.

Is it too hot to handle or raining all day where you live? 

Try delicious food and stay cozy – take a deep breath of freshly natural air at Wieng Neua Restaurant and Café. We’re here to create delicious Northern food to bring you a sense of comfort. Don’t worry about the low season with the weather change. Just stop by Wieng Neua for delightful bites.

A mix of Northern Thai and Western-inspired cuisine, we offer healthier dishes that are more authentic than anything you’ve had before. You will enjoy our delectable delicacies, prepared using a secret recipe passed down from generation to generation.

Feast your eyes on our wide range of options

We may be tucked away in a quiet stretch of the city, but we’re bursting with variety and flavor. We offer a wide range of menus for those who love to try new things – from traditional Thai food to authentic North Thai Fusion food like you’ve never seen before!

What’s your taste?

We search for the fresh and best ingredients locally to make a special dish that you’ll never found in anywhere else. From fresh vegetables to exotic herbs, our menu has a range of flavors for every palate. For example, try our Khanomjeen Nam Jaew – Rice vermicelli with clear broth made from galangal fragrant and pork ribs or just chilling and zip Cocoffee – Coconut with an ice-creampresso shot.

Experience a different side of Thailand

Experience a different side of Thailand

The North is the land of never-ending green. Visit Chiang Rai in May, and you’ll be refreshed by the rain, refreshed by the greenery, and wonderfully relaxed.

Time of year to visit

Visiting Chiang Rai in the low season is the perfect time to dive into the real heart of the culture. Locals have more time to talk as they are less busy with tourism and more willing to share the story of life with you. You can also explore the greenery forest with the Mekong River and see how the beautiful scenery reflects on the local people.

Cleaner air, Colourful skies

Chiang Rai is one of the best places in Thailand to get away from the smoggy big city when it’s low season. Here in this region where the mountains meet the land, you’ll find Chaing Rai with its natural abundance of fresh forest air and beauty.

Enjoy life at a slow pace

It’s no secret that the rainy season is all about slowing down. Away from the crowds and exploring the area around the city, you can find peace and quiet in a culture that has remained largely untouched by tourism.

Be inspired by the vibes.

The Lanna culture is a way of living in Chiang Rai that we have embraced every step of life. We are surrounded by the beauty of northern Thailand’s nature, so come and experience this rich culture with us!

No idea where to stay….visit us at Athita

Soak in the serenity

Just 45 minutes away from Mae Fah Luang Airport, you can enjoy the tranquility of Athita, Teakwood Design Hotel in Chiang Rai. Disconnect from your busy life and submerge in a lush, natural environment while soaking up small charming towns and cultures.

Wiang Neua Cafe & Restaurant

Welcome to our home!

At Wiang Neua Cafe & Restaurant, we believe in authenticity, and our menu reflects the diversity of Northern Thailand. We have something for everyone, from contemporary fusion dishes and traditional favorites to sweet and savory.

Traditional food with heartfelt stories

We believe that food with heartfelt stories can make all the difference given your mood as well as who you’re cooking for – so we’ve put all our passion into every dish that comes out of our 70 years old family recipe and fresh ingredients from the kitchen. We ensure safety & freshness in every step in creating them. And if it all goes right, your family will feel like ours too and become part of this shared warmth and joy that makes us proud.

Authentic cuisine from Northern Thailand

We serve food from the heart of Northern Thailand with an emphasis on locality and community. It’s this authenticity that defines us. Experience the contrast between contemporary fusion dishes and traditional favorites. We take pride in reinventing meals focusing on sustainable ingredients and traditional cooking techniques.

An experience worth sharing

Wiang Neua Cafe is the perfect place for everyone. Whether it’s a busy weekday or a lazy weekend, we’re here to inspire you. We believe that you should be able to feel the taste, smell the aroma, and see the surroundings to get the full experience of our dishes. So we’ve curated the most beautiful space for you. From the Wiang Neua’s cozy decoration to an inviting garden, we want you to feel relaxed and at home when you visit, no matter what type of mood you’re in.

Take a break from the busy city

Take a break from the busy city – Visit Chiang Saen in the low season

Driving from Downtown Chiang Rai to Chiang Saen takes around an hour and covers roughly 60 kilometers. Enjoy the scenic and picturesque route 1290 along the Mekong River and take in the breathtaking views along what so-called ‘Paradise Road.’ Chiang Saen will be waiting for you in a matter of minutes.

Chiang Saen is a tranquil city that offers a variety of activities for everybody. The stunning natural beauty and delicious food make it the perfect place. So, whether you’re an adventurer, history buff or foodie, Chiang Saen has something for you! 

Start your day with the historic town; it’s easy for you to go everywhere on foot or bike in this area. Apart from the location, get a glimpse of the calm, greenery lifestyle only in the low season.

  • Explore Chiang Saen’s Old Town. It’s a great area to stroll and visit a century-old wooden home. Shopping for handicrafts. Take a break and try some of the local cuisines.
  • Spend your days walking hand-in-hand with your loved one along the Mekong River, just a few minutes away from the town center. Abundant natural beauty and dozens of vegetation paths are yours to explore.
  • If you want to get a little sweaty, simply rent a bike and make your way to the bike lane, where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the river.

If you don’t know how to have it all, simply think of us! Athita, The Hidden Court Chiang Saen, is a boutique hotel that offers you genuine service and flawlessly gorgeous surroundings. Each room has a personal touch that will make you feel at home. If you’re seeking something unique and comfy, Athita is a great pick!

Explore the wild in the low season

Live life on your own terms and explore the wild in the low season
Let’s explore!

We have all sorts of good reasons to invite you to come to Chiang Saen and stay with us during the low season. First of all, it’s super easy to enjoy everything Chiang Saen has to offer during the greenest time of the year. We believe that you’ll enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience with relaxation guaranteed.

At Athita, The Hidden Court Chiang Saen is a lovely place located on the edge of the river. With our award-winning design, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vacation will be stress-free.

  • With fewer people and less crowds, this is an ideal time to experience small-town life at its most tranquil and peaceful. 
  • The world slows down because of the weather, allowing you to let go of your stress.
  • The most fantastic scenery can be found here with a river view at your fingertips and a serene atmosphere.

Furthermore, we are selective in our inclusions to enable you to live a full life in your own way. At Athita, we personalize our services to meet the lifestyles of our guests. Therefore, we don’t only care about what we have to offer; we also care about how you feel while you’re here. Moreover, we encourage you to take some time for yourself. Whether it’s in the serenity of our gardens or the pampering of our spa.

Stay with us and enjoy a calm, vintage-inspired setting that isn’t overrun by the noise of the city.

Authentic Experience in the Ancient City of Chiang Saen

Creating an escape you can treasure – Authentic Experience in the Ancient City of Chiang Saen

Athita The Hidden Court Chiang Saen Boutique Hotel – ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN GOLD AWARD 2022 from ASA, is a traditional Thai teakwood hotel located 70 meters from the Mekong River with a beautiful and relaxing rural setting in the heart of Chiang Saen – an ancient city with a rich history dating back to over hundreds of years. 

Our Old-style rooms are designed with vintage furniture, and every detail has been lovingly restored and thoughtfully updated. The hotel is the first and only teak wood hotel in Chiang Saen. From our locally-sourced teak wood flooring to the classic vintage designs all around, this is truly an authentic experience of Old Siam. Making it perfect for those who enjoy the aesthetic of old meets new.

You can also enjoy a delightful stroll along the old street by day or night while taking in all of the historic buildings and traditional Thai culture along with modern comforts such as air-conditioning, Wi-Fi access, breakfast and complimentary drinks.

For those who want to feel like they can find a haven away from their hectic lives, Athita The Hidden Court Chiang Saen Boutique Hotel offers just the right escape. Our boutique hotel aims to create your comfort in mind. Spend your days exploring the ancient city, then return to an oasis of calm and serenity.

Book now, and come find your new sanctuary!