Experience the Way of Life in Chiang Saen

Experience the Way of Life in Chiang Saen

If you’re looking for an experience you can’t get anywhere else, please come to join us for Buddha Lent Day (aka Khao Pansa) in Chiang Saen. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will have you leaving refreshed and re-energized. A perfect way to balance your energy and see Thailand’s spiritual side.


At Chiang Saen, you can live a day in the life of the locals. Take in their culture, and come back feeling refreshed. Buddha Lent Day is waiting for you!


The Buddhist Lent Day Legend

In the past, monks’ constant travel destroyed rainy-season crops. Therefore, Buddha forbade monks from leaving their temples during the rainy season. Unless a monk has an urgent business, they can depart for only seven nights.


What do locals Do on Buddhist Lent Day?

During Buddhist Lent, people would visit temples to earn merit, listen to sermons, and purify their thoughts. In addition, the Khao Pansa candle festival, which occurs every year at the beginning of the Buddhist Lent in late July, will be celebrated. In 2022, the Khao Pansa Candle Festival will be on July 14.


Enjoy the Candle Festival with a Locals

Chiang Saen’s traditional candle festival, or Khao Pansa, reflects the master craftsmen’s technique of candle carving as part of this cultural event. Carved candles depicting religious stories and detailed sculptures from the fairy tales will be presented on the candle display. Enjoy the large, hand-carved, beeswax candles that fill the air with the scents of flowers and incense as the procession of floats passes by at a slow pace around the small town.


Take Your Place in the Legend this Khao Pansa Candle Festival

You won’t want to miss the legend of the Khao Pansa Candle Festival. Stay at Athita and get close to the culture and tradition. Breathe in the rich history and nature while you are here.