Taste the best of Chiang Saen

Chiang Saen is a city with a diverse selection of local and regional northern cuisines with exquisite tastes that you’ll fall in love with. However, the food in this area extends beyond northern Thai cuisine. There is also a distinct culinary culture inspired by Myanmar, China, and the Isaan area, which parallels Laos and Cambodian food. That’s the reason why it has a uniqueness.


Do you want to experience the diverse selection of cuisines in Chiang Saen?

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Khaw Neung Bai Bua

Khaw Neung Bai Bua or Rice covered in Lotus leaves is a nutritious dish heavily influenced by Thai and Chinese culture. This healthy, delicious meal is relatively uncommon to get at typical restaurants these days. It has become a health-friendly menu since traditional medicine states that steaming the lotus leaf will aid in nourishing the heart. Furthermore, lotus flowers and pollen can nourish pregnancy, reduce fever, cure heat poisoning, and relieve fatigue and palpitations. Using old lotus leaves can help lower fever, nourish circulation, and lower BP and LDL cholesterol levels.


Secret Recipe

Khaw Neung Bai Bua is made of rice, pork, Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, and egg yolk that has been seasoned with local spices and herbs. First, stir-fry everything like fried rice. Then, cover everything in lotus leaves and simmer it.