Romantic Getaway in the Rainfall

Do you want a romantic getaway with your loved one?

Athita, The Hidden Court Chiang Saen is the perfect place! We offer a unique experience, cozy and romantic rooms, and an opportunity to take a breath of fresh air. So come visit us in Chiang Saen, Thailand!


Chiang Saen, a small old hamlet in Chiang Rai, has kept much of Thailand’s northern culture and heritage. In addition, Chiang Saen’s tranquility helps many travelers regain their vigor after a weekend of incredible rest.


Unique Hotel with Cozy and Calm Place

Athita is a one-of-a-kind hotel constructed almost entirely of teak wood. In every stride, you’ll be able to feel the suppleness of Teak Wood. As a romantic getaway, you and your loved one may spend time in the hotel’s cozy and peaceful surroundings. You’ve earned it!


Romantic Getaway Spa Day

Spa days are a fantastic opportunity to unwind and reconnect in any weather. So embrace the love and experience spa day at Athita Spa! Love is in the air at our peaceful and tranquil spa.


Wiang Nuea Restaurant & Café

If you want to get the most out of your stay at Athita, stop by Wiang Nuea Restaurant & Cafe, which is located right here in the hotel. Foods and Drinks in a picture-perfect garden surrounded by lush evergreen landscapes might create a stunning canvas for your imagination.


Nothing is better than the magnificent river, beautiful rainfall, pretty gardens, wonderful local culture, and lush forest all around during the monsoon, which is an ideal setting. It’s great for the couple to cuddle and smile with each other. This is where you can utilize the holiday to create great memories and meaningful time for your relationships.