Experience a different side of Thailand

The North is the land of never-ending green. Visit Chiang Rai in May, and you’ll be refreshed by the rain, refreshed by the greenery, and wonderfully relaxed.

Time of year to visit

Visiting Chiang Rai in the low season is the perfect time to dive into the real heart of the culture. Locals have more time to talk as they are less busy with tourism and more willing to share the story of life with you. You can also explore the greenery forest with the Mekong River and see how the beautiful scenery reflects on the local people.

Cleaner air, Colourful skies

Chiang Rai is one of the best places in Thailand to get away from the smoggy big city when it’s low season. Here in this region where the mountains meet the land, you’ll find Chaing Rai with its natural abundance of fresh forest air and beauty.

Enjoy life at a slow pace

It’s no secret that the rainy season is all about slowing down. Away from the crowds and exploring the area around the city, you can find peace and quiet in a culture that has remained largely untouched by tourism.

Be inspired by the vibes.

The Lanna culture is a way of living in Chiang Rai that we have embraced every step of life. We are surrounded by the beauty of northern Thailand’s nature, so come and experience this rich culture with us!

No idea where to stay….visit us at Athita

Soak in the serenity

Just 45 minutes away from Mae Fah Luang Airport, you can enjoy the tranquility of Athita, Teakwood Design Hotel in Chiang Rai. Disconnect from your busy life and submerge in a lush, natural environment while soaking up small charming towns and cultures.